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Shandong Mars Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise dedicated to building a brand of LED lamps in the industrial field. The products developed and manufactured by the company include LED industrial lamps and LED explosion-proof lamps for special places, LED solar lamps and LED plant lamps.

The founder of the company is one of the first generation experts in LED lighting in China, who has been studying LED light sources since 2003 and has a profound understanding of industrial lights. Since the establishment of Mars in 2019, we hope to provide consumers with cost-effective products with innovative designs, humanized structures and stable quality based on our unique understanding of products and the opinions of distributors in various regions.

In the past 3 years, especially in 2020 and 2021, the international market has generally been affected by the epidemic. However, Mars has always adhered to the vision of building a brand of LED industrial lamps and aims to serve customers wholeheartedly. Despite all the difficulties, our company developed three to four LED industrial models every year. In 2019, Pulsation LED solar lamps were exported to Saudi Arabia. In 2020, the Pangdun series of floodlights and Shouzai series of street lights were designed. In 2021, the Wukong series of LED explosion-proof floodlights, and the Kingkong series of LED explosion-proof high bay lights came to the market, and the research and development of LED plant lamps was launched in the same year.

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Our products became quite popular in the market the moment they were launched in that the distributors’ opinions were integrated into the design process. The products developed and manufactured by Mars are helping our partners obtain one project after another, and their market share is gradually expanding. Along the path of the One Belt One Road, Mars is uniting our friends to establish 8 market centers around the world gradually, namely Pakistan-South Asia and the Middle East, Mozambique-Africa, Indonesia-Southeast Asia, Germany-EU, Russia-Eastern Europe, Peru-Latin American Community, the United States-North America and China-East Asia.

Although Mars is young, we have achieved steady development in the past 3 years with the support of our partners. Though affected by the epidemic, our annual sales have remained at RMB 20-30 million. In order to establish the Mars LED industrial lighting brand and serve our customers better, the company is ready to promote itself globally from the end of 2021. We are looking forward to acquainting more like-minded partners and achieving a win-win situation.

Introduction to the Development History of Mars

Produced PCB for Samsung.
In 1998
In 2010
Made the first MOCVD in China.
Edison PIN CAP Patent for LED tube light.
In 2014
In 2019
Moved to current address and started LED lights manufacturing.
415 sets of Pulsation solar LED street lights exported to Saudi Arabia.
In 2019
In 2019
Ex-proof lights series of Wukong, Kingkong etc. on market.
Panel Brother on market
In 2019
In 2020
Industrial lights of Pangdun flood, Shouzai street, and Comfort light high-bay on market
Park and Village series of LED solar lights on market.
In 2021

Factory Tour


Equipment Name: 4S Glue Potting Machine


Equipment Name: 12/24V Vibration Aging Rack


Equipment Name: Automatic Screw Machine


Equipment Name: Fully Automatic Screw Locking Machine


Equipment Name: Finished Product Assembly Machine


Equipment Name: Ten-temperature Zone Reflow Soldering


Equipment Name: Knife-type Splitter


Equipment Name: Automatic Baking Equipment


Equipment Name: Waterproof Spray Test Equipment


Equipment Name: Timing Aging Rack


Equipment Name: Panasonic Automatic Placement Machine


Equipment Name: Solder Paste Printer